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What is LipSense and why does everyone LOVE it???

I am sure by now you have been hearing lots about LipSense lipstick and cosmetics. You've probably seen the videos of people testing the product, showing them wiping their fingers across their lips to prove that the lipstick stays put and doesn’t come off.

I think by nature we are pretty skeptical of most things. We’ve all heard that saying that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. So when I first heard mention of this “LipSense” stuff, for the longest time I thought there is no way it really stays like that!

Why do we have to be skeptical about products our friends are using and selling aren’t going to be any good, or that they won’t work for us? It’s a bunch of silliness, really! Why not ditch all of the “no’s” and negatives and start saying YES to something fun every now and then?!

Here’s a few things that really stick out to me about LipSense:

LipSense is an amazing blend of science that makes a pharmaceutical-grade cosmetic product with natural botanicals and pure pigments. It is NOT a lip stain, but is a molecular bond that, when applied, sticks to the skin on your lips and stays put. It’s actually thinner than water because it’s made with SD40 alcohol so that it applies evenly, dries very quickly and leaves only the color in place. No thick waxy residue buildup for you to smear and smudge around like traditional makeup!

To help keep the lips moisturized and to help keep the color in last longer, LipSense colors work hand in hand with the moisturizing gloss. It’s recommended to use both products together to get the full, lasting effect from the product. Plus, the gloss makes my lips feel SO healthy and soft!

If you’re brand new to LipSense, it’s recommended that you start out with the basic starter kit.


  • LipSense Color of your choice

  • An original, patented long lasting lip color that is water proof, smudge proof, kiss proof and lasts up to 18 hours.

  • Moisturizing Gloss

  • Improves the longevity of the LipSense liquid color and protects your natural lips.

  • Oops! Remover

  • A correction fluid that removes mistakes with one simple swipe!

The LipSense Starter Kit Retails for $55.

You can purchase each item separately, priced as follows: Color: $25 Gloss: $20 and Oops Remover: $10

Come on by the Salon and check it out first hand!!!

LipSense comes in 36+ colors and 11 gloss options, so there are endless color combinations! You will fall in love the idea of layering different colors to create a custom unique look. And did I mention it comes with a 100% money back guarantee???

So what are you waiting for, ladies?! Say YES to a perfect lip color that you’re absolutely, positively going to love. Once you try one color, you’re going to want them all!


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