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Hair Mistakes That Age You

We all want to maintain our youthful appearance for as long as humanly possible. This human desire to fight the aging process is no doubt one of the reasons the $445 billion beauty industry is so successful. (This number according to CB Insight analytics). Did you know, though, that some simple mistakes with your hair can be sabotaging all you have done to maintain a youthful appearance? That’s right. By making the following mistakes with your hair, you are aging yourself needlessly:

Choosing the Wrong Color

Photo by Elena Saharova

Aaron Grenia, owner of IGK salons, says choosing the wrong color can wash out your complexion. This, of course, causes your skin to look pale, lifeless and old. One common mistake he notes is women who go too blond. This is likely due to their desire to maintain their youthful appearance, but too much blond on the wrong complexion doesn’t do anyone any favors. Grenia says the following about the mistake of sporting the wrong color, “It can wash out a woman’s skin tone, having a natural root base with subtle balayage (sun-kissed) highlights around the face and ends will bring out your eyes and skin”

Neglecting Regular Trims/Cuts

According to Grenia, not cutting your hair often enough can actually make you look older. Grenia says neglecting their hair with regard to regular cuts or trims is a mistake he sees women make on a regular basis. For whatever reason, women seem to think they don’t need a cut until their hair has passed the point of neglect. This is the wrong way to look at haircuts and trims. He says, “Even just a small trim will keep hair in its best shape. Split ends climb up the hair, so, for long hair especially, I recommend a trim every seven weeks.”

Not Updating Your Hair Style

Photo by Sarah Diniz Outeiro

The days you spent teasing your hair skyward and coating with hairspray are likely over. However, you might still be behind the times when it comes to your hairstyle, which can age you. Grenia says the single biggest mistake he sees today’s women make is keeping a dated, excessively layered look (can you say the Rachel?) as well as outdated stripy highlights. Kick these trends to the curb ladies and get your hairstyle updated to watch the years melt away.

Turning back the hands of time is unfortunately impossible. However, you can prevent yourself from looking older than your years, though, by avoiding the hairstyle mistakes listed above.

Blog credit from VAGARO

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