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Amazing Lipstick Review!

We decided to give this popular Lipsense a try and we LOVE it!

Is it really kiss proof, smudge proof and smear proof?

Smear proof? Yep. I can wipe my mouth or rub my lips and it stays! No smear at all! It is alos swimming pool safe and great for all activities in the water.

Kiss proof? Yep. What about it being ‘kissable’ lipstick? I kissed my husband and there is no color left behind. To him it feels a bit glossy (like you kissed someone with lip balm on) but no smudge marks left behind. After you have tried putting it on try kissing something white and you will be surprised yourself!

Smudge proof? Yep. Girls, we all know the biggest pain about normal lipstick is the smudge marks it leaves behind! This leaves NONE!

If you are interested in giving it a try please reach out to us because we have colors and product in stock at the Salon.


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