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Why are the steel guards better then plastic?

So being in this industry for almost 15 year, specializing in men’s hair care for 5 years.

I get asked this question allot “Why are the steel guards better then plastic?”

I have worked with both types, plastic Wahls and Oster 76ers, I love my mustache 76ers to death. And I’ll never go back to plastic guards and here are so many reasons why.

First and for most the Osters cut totally different, their heaver yes. But the steel blades cut faster easier and more effectively. While I felt like with plastic guards I’d have to go over an are more then once, which is time consuming for a stylist/barber. While plastic guards can chip, or crack from over usages. The steel blades will never rust, nor is there any reason to sharpen them. Though you can sharpen them if needed, but i feel thats a person choice. I wont lie the steel blades are defiantly more pricey. But in the long run they're save you. Oster 76 classics are an icon in the hair industry, stylist rave about them. They're also made in the great U.S. which I also love.

I read in an article that a knife blade will rank around 55-60 on the Rockwell scale. I’m very proud to say the Oster blades come in at 62-66 on the Rockwell scale. These are just some fun facts about the clippers and different tools out there for a stylist/barber. While to you, the client, this might not mean as much. But our tools in this industry help us give you the best service we can give. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for kind of thing.

So the next time you’re getting your hair cut, or beard trim even. Ask your stylist about their tools, the whys and hows ext. They should be confident in answering any and all questions you have.

Until next time gentlemen, stay sharp.

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