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Mermaid Everything is the New Hot Trend!

Now that there's makeup to make us resemble fantastical creatures from unicorns to fairies, it was high time something came along to help us achieve the enchanting mermaid look. Everyone is excited about KG Beauty's Mermaid Palette, which contains nine aquatic shades of eyeshadows.

Y'all even the packaging is amazing! On the outside, there are sparkly scales... then, when you open it, you see a picture of a beautiful Ariel-like mermaid gazing out over the sea.

The shadows are awesome and range in colors, including a pink, purple, orange, green, and two blues. They've all got thematically appropriate names like "kelp" and "fintastic." The best one, though, is "Call Me on My Shellphone," because that's obviously how mermaids communicate.

They look even cooler on your skin!!!

The whole mermaid gimmick doesn't even stop there:

$1 spent from every $36 palette goes toward the Marine Mammal Center, which rescues and provides medical care to seals, sea lions, and other sea critters near their headquarters in Sausalito, CA.

You can pre-order them on KG Beauty's website.

Mermaid Lips!!!!

You can re-create this look with Lipsense and it will not smudge or budge all night!!!

Blackberry Lipsense

Violet Volt Lipsense

Mystic Moss Shadowsense

Silver Shimmer Shadowsense

Icicle Lipsense over top

Seal with Gold Glitter Gloss

We sell Lipsense and Shadowsense here so let us know if you want to recreate this look and we can help get you the product.

Mermaid Nails!

Oh yeeeesssss!!! Mermaid Nails are a must and just think of the possibilities and how creative you can get! For this already hot spring, even imagination of sea gives you a smoothening effect. And if we talk about giving such smoothening effect to our nails, that are the most important part of your hands, then why not to go for a nail art that portrays sea and a sea creature like mermaid who is almost everyone’s favorite mystical creature. Our nail tech Dana would love help you create your mermaid nail look for Spring.

Mermaid Brushes!

These mermaid brushes are sooo magical and you can order them on Amazon now! No waiting game for these magnificent brushes and they are under $10!!!

Last but not least...

Mermaid Hair!!!

Who doesn't love color!!! Mermaid hair really pulls the mermaid look all together.

If you want to finish your look off with the perfect Mermaid hair give us a call!

(704) 568-0206

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