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Healthy Hair After Dreads

Contrary to most peoples' beliefs, you CAN have pretty hair after dreadlocks.

My dreadlocks were 4 years old (some older) and were weighing on my scalp and causing me pain.

After 30 hours of combing out 49 dreadlocks... we have our result.

Gotta love the B3 Bond Builder for rescuing my dried and weak locks of hair. (Which is on special this month for $30, usually a $45 service) This demi-conditioning and strengthening treatment goes deep to repair bonds in the hair that are damaged from coloring or everyday wear n tear.

My hair feels so silky, I can't keep my hands out of it! Many thanks to those who helped love on my dreadlocks while they were around, and super thanks to the stylists who helped me comb out my dreads.

Call or message today to book your hair therapy before the price goes back up! (704)568-0206

Here is the pictures of the process:

The Hair Salon 6935 Old Lawyers Rd. Charlotte NC 28227 704-568-0206

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